10 Better-Than-Spring-Cleaning Tips

It’s that time of year again… Spring cleaning time!

As an interior designer, I’m always looking for excuses to make a space look and feel better. And there’s something about that whole rebirth in spring business that makes me want rooms to be completely reborn.

Now, I’m not talking about going out and buying all new furniture just because it’s a new season. The stuff you have is just fine (mostly).

And I don’t need to tell you how to clean. We’ve all done that before. Wipe it off. Use some sort of soap-y stuff to make it nice and shiny.

What I’m talking about here, are ways to freshen up the entire look and feel of your room. “Spring cleaning” your interior design, if you will.

So these are my top 10 tips to make your room a better place to be in the upcoming season.

10 Spring Cleaning & Decorating Tips:

  1. Touch up that paint

    Stop living with scuffed, chipped and marked up paint. If it won’t wash off, touch it up with the original color. But don’t open a fresh can or have one mixed, it hardly ever matches perfectly. If you don’t have touch-up paint, it might be time for a fresh coat.

  2. Change up the texture

    The fluffy, nubby, snuggly textures of winter feel much too heavy as the temperatures start to heat up. It’s not summer quite yet, so don’t eschew the layers altogether. Instead, change out those winter pillows and throws for sleeker silks, cottons, and lighter-weave chenille.

  3. Rework your space plan

    Make it feel like a whole new room by moving things around. Instead of focusing on the hearth, make family game time or bird watching out the window the new highlight of the seating area. Just be sure not to block off major traffic patterns.

  4. Tackle those shelves

    When you take everything off those bookshelves, tables and/or entertainment center to clean and dust, put them back in a new order. Try grouping things by color, or finding new ways to display old favorites. Remember to use the rule of three for the most pleasing vignettes.

  5. Rethink tired décor

    Put on your creativity cap and come up with new uses for familiar objects. Perhaps a wooden bowl could hold your glass doorknob collection instead of potpourri. Maybe your Chinese tea set could serve as tiny bud vases. Those seashells from you last tropical vacation might become jewelry holders on your dresser. Think outside the box!

  6. Bring the outside in

    Flowers, greenery, plants! Things are starting to grow outside, and bringing that in will remind you it’s spring every day. Set out a vase of pretty spring flowers or pick up some forced bulbs to watch bloom and then replant later. Even a terrarium of succulents on your coffee table will brighten your spring day.

  7. Clean up the fireplace

    Take any remaining firewood back to the wood pile. Clean out any leftover ash, and scrub the soot off. Now that you have a clean slate, consider accessorizing the nice cool fireplace with things like candles, plants, a mirror… experiment with what look fresh and spring-y!

  8. Brighten the color

    For winter, you probably went dark and cozy or bright and white. The palette for spring is soft and welcoming. Think yellow, green and pastels in pink, blue and turquoise. Stow away winter décor and feature new spring colors with throw pillows, small accessories, artwork from elsewhere in the house and, of course, flowers.

  9. Swap out the photos

    Replace last year’s (or last decade’s!) family vacation photos and favorite snapshots with something more up-to-date. Consider printing all black and white or using the same filter on all of them to create unity and add an artistic touch.

  10. Keep it simple

    Having things around you contributes to the warm and cozy winter mood. But now that spring is here, make it open and airy. Put away extra trinkets and candles, and simply enjoy the openness.

Follow these spring cleaning and decorating tips, and you can have a room that feels fresh and new in a weekend!

But if you’d rather have me rethink your room for spring, you’re in luck! I just released my Seasonal Design Package for spring, and I’m doing just that and then some. Book your Spring Room Revival today and welcome spring with a beautiful “new” room design.

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