It’s easy to feel a bit frazzled after the holidays, and our surroundings have a profound effect on our emotional well-being. Get a fresh start and give your home a fresh feel for the new year with these 16 easy tips. It’ll be just the thing to help you regroup, relax and get excited about the year ahead.

Make it sparkle

1. Break out the glass cleaner and wash all your windows and mirrors;

2. Put glass décor (vases, figurines, etc.) in the dishwasher and wash on the china cycle (or wash with warm, soapy water if you’re unsure or it’s especially delicate);

3. Polish silver, brass and any other metal décor and accessories… Oooo, shiny!

Give it a new look

4. Rearrange your wall art: move pieces from room to room and try new groupings;

5. Swap out framed photos for new ones;

6. Create new vignettes with your accessories: gather all the accessories you own into one area and experiment with fresh themes for different rooms.

Put it away

7. Tidy things up and simply put stuff away. The holidays can be crazy, and if you’re like me, you just set things anywhere because you’re in a hurry and vow to deal with it later. Now is later;

8. Get organized. Life just seems more peaceful when the space around us is in order. Pick the most chaotic space in your house and a day to organize it. Buy bins, baskets, boxes, dividers, labels, whatever you may need to knock that space into shape. Then enjoy the sense of accomplishment and release of anxiety when it’s done (you may even feel so good you want to tackle another room!).

Follow your nose

9. Place new boxes of baking soda in odor-prone areas like the fridge, the trash cabinet and the pantry;

10. Toss scented sachets in drawers and closets: you can buy them or make the sachets yourself if you’re up for a craft project;

11. Wash all your pets’ bedding and toys (most can go in the washing machine or the dishwasher), if you have a cat box, buy a new one or scrub the old one thoroughly before filling it with fresh litter;

12. Use a fabric refresher on your upholstered furniture: again, buy it, or get crafty and make one yourself!

Out with the old, in with the new

13. If you received a gift or bought something that takes the place of an item you already have, get rid of the old one. Take a few minutes to list it on eBay or Craigslist (really, that’s all it takes), or put it in the donation box;

14. Drop off the donation box. This seems like a no-brainer, but so many of us have bags and boxes of items sitting around that we’ve been meaning to donate for months. Take them out to your car right now, and the next time you go out to run errands, drop them off… easy peasy;

15. Make room for your new year’s resolution. If you made a new year’s resolution, set yourself up for success. Whether it’s to read more, workout, meditate, eat better or whatever, carve out a space in which to do it: create a reading nook complete with book selection, blanket and a lamp; put your yoga mat and weights in a sunny corner; make a meditative spot with candles and inspirational books; clean out your pantry. Whatever your goal for 2016, your home should support you in making it happen.

Flower power

16. Nothing freshens up a room like flowers. Buy a bouquet or two and divide them up between rooms (no need to break the bank here, grocery store flowers look just as nice and last just as long, if not longer than their more expensive counterparts). Even a single bud in a tiny vase makes a cheery accent.

… And if you want to take your new year refresh to the next level with a whole new look, schedule an in-person Quick & Dirty Design Consultation or order an online Room Refresh Essentials package. I’ll have you on your way to a gorgeous new room in no time.

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