Buyers Offer More for a Staged Home

The truth about home staging

Have you been thinking about staging your home or your clients’ home, but are still on the fence? Or maybe you’re already convinced it’s a just a bunch of hooey. Well, the California Association of Realtors has released some info that I think you may find of interest… Did you know buyers are more likely… Read more »

Revive Interior Design Lake Tahoe Home Magazine

Revive Interior Design in Lake Tahoe Home Magazine

I recently had the honor of being featured in Lake Tahoe Home Magazine. If you’re in the area, pick up a copy at a local newsstand (it’s so much cooler in person!). But just in case you can’t… Click here to read the article It was a great time sitting down and talking about design,… Read more »

Stage Your Kitchen in 5 easy steps

5 Easy steps to a perfectly staged kitchen

People buy or pass on houses for their kitchens, so make yours the best it can be with the proper staging. Here are 5 easy kitchen staging steps to help you get a perfectly staged kitchen. Kitchen Staging Step #1: Put it all away We all have stuff on our counters. Don’t feel bad about… Read more »

Must have designer mountain decor items

Must have: Mountain decor

Too many times I’ve heard someone say: “That’s lovely, but I can’t have that; I live in TAHOE.” As if there is some heavily-enforced law that by the very nature of being located in the mountains, Tahoe homes are only allowed to be filled with dark colors, plaid patterns, pinecones and bear figurines. And in… Read more »

10 Better-Than-Spring-Cleaning Tips

10 Better-Than-Spring-Cleaning Tips

It’s that time of year again… Spring cleaning time! As an interior designer, I’m always looking for excuses to make a space look and feel better. And there’s something about that whole rebirth in spring business that makes me want rooms to be completely reborn. Now, I’m not talking about going out and buying all… Read more »

best bathroom faucets

Must have: My Favorite Bathroom Faucets

Ten bathroom faucets I absolutely love. I’d totally put all of these in my bathroom! (Though not all at the same time.)…. 1. Secant faucet in antique copper by Newport Brass Price: $981.13 at     2. Purist wall-mount faucet in brushed gold by Kohler Price: $711.30 at     3. Siderna single… Read more »

Home staging trends 2016

Home Staging Trends 2016

Do current interior design trends translate to home staging trends? The simple answer is yes… and no. Current design trends can and should be used in real estate staging, but sparingly. Incorporating trendy items and colors into home staging can make a house feel fresh and modern, especially if other parts of the home are… Read more »

Tahoe Lake View Estate home staging and interior decoration family room

Tahoe Lake View Estate, staged to sell

A little professional home staging and interior decorating brought out the best in this gorgeous Lake Tahoe home, and I’m so happy to finally share it on the website. When local realtor Craig Zager asked me to stage this amazing lake view home in Stateline, Nev. recently, I was thrilled. It had just come on the market,… Read more »

What not to do furniture shopping photo

10 Things NOT to do when shopping for furniture

Buying the right furniture can be tricky. Something can look gorgeous in the store, but hideous in your house… or it falls apart… or it ends up being uncomfortable… etc., etc. (come on, we’ve all done it). But if you abide by these ten furniture shopping guidelines, you can finally get it right the first… Read more »

Get organized, home organization products

My top picks to get things organized!

January always seems to inspire me (and I think a lot of other people as well) to get organized. So I’ve put together a selection of things to help you organize your home and your life, and look great while doing it!  Keep everything it its place with these stylish organization must-haves… Organization doesn’t have… Read more »