3 home staging tricks to do before you sell

The 3 home staging tricks you must do before you try to sell

You’re getting ready to put your house on the market, and you want to get top dollar. And the sooner you sell it, the fewer mortgage payments you have to fork out, so you want to get this show on the road ASAP. But before you just jam a For Sale sign in the front… Read more »

Refresh Your Home photo

16 Simple ways to refresh your home

It’s easy to feel a bit frazzled after the holidays, and our surroundings have a profound effect on our emotional well-being. Get a fresh start and give your home a fresh feel for the new year with these 16 easy tips. It’ll be just the thing to help you regroup, relax and get excited about… Read more »

Bold vs. Beige paint colors

Couples Therapy: Bold vs. Beige

Today I’m offering a little couples therapy (yes, I am also an interior design therapist!). Chances are you and your sweetie don’t always agree when it comes to designing your home. The solution is often for one person to finally give in to the taste of the other. But if you live together, your home’s… Read more »