Bold vs. Beige paint colors

Today I’m offering a little couples therapy (yes, I am also an interior design therapist!). Chances are you and your sweetie don’t always agree when it comes to designing your home. The solution is often for one person to finally give in to the taste of the other. But if you live together, your home’s décor should be about you as a couple, not just one of you.

Color can be one of the hardest things to agree on, especially if you’re fighting the bold vs. beige debate. But don’t worry, there is still hope! Here are some creative solutions to your dilemma:

Deep, rich brown paint color


Totally dramatic and hip, without straying from a neutral color scheme. He gets his neutral, you get your drama!


Light, Steely Gray paint color


Pretty, light and not overwhelming. Grays are less expected than beiges and give you a unique look, without going too far out on a limb.


Classic black and white paint colors


Beautiful, classic, perfectly understated and bold at the same time. Try white walls with black trim, or paint everything white and just accessorize with black. How can anyone argue with black and white!?


Ahhhh… now that you can agree on a beautiful color palette, the universe is once again in alignment.

Creative color solutions = happy family!

Need a hand figuring out which colors express you and your other half’s personalities, and complement your home’s interior, too? I’d love to help… Contact me for a custom paint consultation or sign up for one of my online interior design solutions.

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