Home staging trends 2016

Do current interior design trends translate to home staging trends?

The simple answer is yes… and no.

Current design trends can and should be used in real estate staging, but sparingly.

Incorporating trendy items and colors into home staging can make a house feel fresh and modern, especially if other parts of the home are particularly dated. An on-trend rug or contemporary bookshelf décor can go a long way in updating a room.

But be careful. Not all buyers appreciate every hot new design idea that comes along. Too much trendiness could be a turn-off for some real estate shoppers. Plus, we all know how certain interior design trends are pretty much over (or should be) before they start. Too many of those items could leave your interior looking so last-year.

So how much is too much?

  • First, keep the target demographic of the property in mind. If it’s most likely going to be home to a younger buyer, feel free to incorporate a little more trendiness. Give them the impression they’ll be even more hip when they move into this house. If the property’s location, architecture or price tag indicates a more mature buyer, keep it to a minimum. The space should still feel updated, but transitional pieces will be a safer bet.
  • Second, consider the architecture. Décor should feel natural inside a house, accentuate it, not fight it. Trendy interior décor items can make a room feel more contemporary, but if it’s just plain old wrong for the space, ditch the idea.
  • And finally, when in doubt, employ the rule of three. Limit your use of interior design trends within any one room to three items (and preferably not the three largest items in the room). It will be enough to create a fresh feel, without overwhelming.

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