Too many times I’ve heard someone say: “That’s lovely, but I can’t have that; I live in TAHOE.” As if there is some heavily-enforced law that by the very nature of being located in the mountains, Tahoe homes are only allowed to be filled with dark colors, plaid patterns, pinecones and bear figurines. And in case you were wondering, the only moose you will ever see in Tahoe are the ones INSIDE people’s homes. I understand many people want mountain decor, especially if their Lake Tahoe home is a vacation home. But mountain decor can, and should, be done tastefully (and preferably without moose).

Here are a dozen gorgeous mountain home decor items that will have your home or cabin looking fabulously mountain-chic and decidedly not cliche.

Happy mountain decorating!

** Please note that the above blog post does contain affiliate links, meaning if you click on them, I may receive a little bit of compensation. That isn’t why I chose them, it’s just a bonus (I’m not getting rich here, I promise). I just think they’re awesome. This is at no additional cost to you; however, if you’d rather check out the products by going directly to the manufacturer’s website, that’s ok, too.

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